Find answers to common questions about the HoldemResources Calculator desktop software or directly contact the support through email or forums.

Purchased keys are valid for two active installations. The license system will attempt to detect inactive installations automatically, so hardware replacements usually don't require any additional actions. If you receive an error message regarding too many active machines, contact support@holdemresources.net for a manual reset.

Please keep in mind that these are single-user licenses, sharing license keys among multiple users is against the license terms.

The recurring license options are set to automatically renew by default and need to be canceled via the provided link or directly in the program. The 18 month license is non-recurring and does not need to be canceled, the key will simply expire after 18 months.

FastSpring offers payment via Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer. This includes the popular Neteller/Skrill issued MasterCards. Bank transfers and Paypal (without an associated credit card) are only available for the non-recurring 18-months license. Other payment options, including Neteller/Skrill and poker-site transfers, can not be accepted as payment.

When ordering through FastSpring your key is sent out automatically after your purchase, delivery usually takes less than 15 minutes. Please double check your spam folder for the license mail before contacting support.

The Bank Transfer option on FastSpring is an exception, processing usually takes around 3-5 business days in that case.

You can access the subscription management at "Help: Registration: Manage Subscription" directly in the software. A link for subscription management is also included in the order-confirmation mail. (In case you lost your link, please contact support@holdemresources.net for assistance.)

The 2, 6 and 12 month license options are subscriptions and automatically renew until you cancel them. You can cancel subscriptions at any time, your license key will remain active for the remainder of the current period.

Please contact support@holdemresources.net with your order-id.

You will receive a full refund for your renewal if you mail within the first 14 days of the new license period, assuming you were no longer using the product.

Please follow the instructions below if you receive Java related errors like the following:

  • Java was started but returned exit code=13
  • No virtual machine was found
  • Failed to load the JNI shared library

The most common source of problems is mixing 32bit and 64bit architectures of your Java Runtime and HRC. Unfortunately some recent Java auto-updates appear to switch between 32bit and 64bit and cause problems. Our latest installers for Windows are bundled with a Java Runtime for this reason and should solve this issue, please try to download and re-install the latest version.

If you have problems to paste hand histories into HRC from one of the supported sites, please try to activate the latest Beta version by following these instructions: Beta Activation

In case your histories also don't import correctly in the Beta version, please send us a few examples to support@holdemresources.net so we can get them supported.

To setup the connection to your PT4/HM2 database you can configure the settings at "Window: Preferences: Tracker Database".

The default passwords are "postgrespass" or "dbpass", the other settings can usually be left untouched. Then select the database name and click "Test Config" to verify the configuration. Basic help for the settings is available as tooltips, and a more detailed explanation is included in "Help: Help Contents".

Important: Only download the beta version if you are comfortable with testing beta features. This version may introduce stability issues and other bugs. Once the new features are sufficiently tested, they will be integrated to the stable version.

There is a separate installer for the current beta version, it can be installed alongside the stable version on the same machine. The beta download and additional information can be found here: 2018 HRC Public Beta