HRC License Key Terms of Use

Learn about the terms governing your HoldemResources Calculator (HRC) license key, including purchase, usage limits, hardware replacement, and relationship to the HRC client EULA.

How to Purchase

Begin your purchase directly on our website. When you decide to buy, we'll guide you smoothly to one of our authorized resellers:

The transition to the reseller can occur in a couple of ways:

  • Direct Link: You may receive a link that directs you straight to the reseller’s product page.
  • Overlay: An overlay window may be used on our site, allowing you to make a purchase seamlessly without navigating away from our page, yet still securely engaging with the reseller’s system.

Whichever method is used, your purchasing process will be secure and straightforward. Our resellers, acting as the merchant of record, handle all aspects of payment processing, billing inquiries, and the management of refunds or chargebacks. For details on our refund policy, please visit our refund policy page.

Terms of Use for your Key

Please familiarize yourself with the following terms that govern your use of our HoldemResources Calculator (HRC) license keys.

License Type and Duration

Your HRC license key is a single-user license unless explicitly stated otherwise. This means it is intended solely for your personal use and must not be shared with others.

All HRC license keys are time-limited and include the following options:

  • Subscription: This license automatically renews at regular intervals to ensure you have continuous access to HRC. You can manage your subscription, including cancellations, either through the program itself (Help: Registration: Manage Subscription) or by using the subscription management link in your billing emails. Even if you cancel, your license will remain active until the end of the paid period.

  • Non-Recurring: This license is ideal for gifts or purchasing for someone else, as activation is not linked to the purchaser. It is valid for a specific period starting from the first day of use within the HRC program, and activation must occur within three years of the purchase date. There are no automatic renewals or additional charges after the license expires.

Licenses cannot be transferred to other individuals. Subscription licenses are permanently linked to the original purchaser, and non-recurring licenses are permanently tied to the details provided at activation.

Installations and Device Management

Typically, your HRC license key permits two active installations, unless stated otherwise. An installation is considered active if the HRC client has been utilized on that device within the past 7 days.

When you switch to a new computer, previous installations are automatically recognized as inactive after 7 days of non-use, so action on your part is generally not required. Although we strive to facilitate a seamless transition when you replace a device, immediate activation on a new device may not always be possible once you have reached your installation limit.

In situations involving frequent changes of devices, you may experience a brief waiting period until previous installations are recognized as inactive.

Appropriate Use of HRC

HRC is developed as an "off the table" study tool. It is designed to enhance your understanding of poker when you are not actively playing. HRC is not intended for use during live play or real-time poker games.

As a user, you are responsible for ensuring that your use of HRC complies with the terms of service of any poker sites you participate in. Violations of these terms by using the tool inappropriately can lead to repercussions from these sites, including potential bans or restrictions on your accounts.

We urge all users to use HRC responsibly and to respect the rules and guidelines of online poker platforms to maintain fair and ethical gameplay.

The HRC Client EULA

Keep in mind that the terms of your license key are only part of the overall agreement. The End-User License Agreement (EULA) associated with the HRC client software also governs its use. It's crucial to review and comprehend the EULA, as it outlines important information about your rights and obligations as a user of HRC.

License Compliance and Consequences

By utilizing your HRC license key, you are agreeing to comply with both these specific terms and the broader End-User License Agreement (EULA). We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your license if you fail to adhere to these agreements.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team through

Last updated: May 13, 2024