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The HoldemResources Calculator (HRC) Blog is a comprehensive resource that features articles on poker software, theory and research. Discover a wealth of information to help you improve your game, understand advanced concepts, and efficiently use HRC to enhance your poker decision-making. Stay updated with the latest news and developments from the HRC team.

Introducing HRC v3: Enhanced Preflop Solver with Postflop Modeling Thumbnail
Introducing HRC v3: Enhanced Preflop Solver with Postflop Modeling

Discover HRC's new state-of-the-art postflop model, improved user interface and a new two-tier licensing model. Elevate your poker game with HRC's latest update.

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The Beta cycle is coming to an end with open trials!

The new features are almost ready to be released and we are winding down the beta cycle by giving everyone a chance to test the new features for free!

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Visualizing the bunching effect Thumbnail
Visualizing the bunching effect

In this post we'll discuss, visualize, and measure how the often-neglected card bunching effect impacts every aspect of your game.

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2020-02 HRC Update: Monte Carlo and MTT ICM

A major HRC update is now available for download. This release includes a new Monte Carlo calculation engine, an improved Multi Table ICM mode and various user interface changes.

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High Accuracy ICM Calculations for Large Fields Thumbnail
High Accuracy ICM Calculations for Large Fields

In-depth evaluation of HRC's new MTT ICM model. This equity model for poker tournaments supports scenarios with thousands of remaining players and provides estimates that are practically as good as exact Malmuth-Harville ICM values.

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2018-06 HRC Update: KO/PKO Bounty Tournaments

Support for KO/PKO bounty tournaments is now available in the stable version of HRC. The next cycle of beta features will start later in June.

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