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17 Sep 2019 HRC Beta
  • Updated HH parser for 888.
  • Added new Structure Manager at Tools: Structure Manager.
  • Custom structures and categories can be created from the toolbar and organized via drag and drop.
  • Options to import / export custom structures from external files will be added shortly.
06 Aug 2019 HRC Beta
  • Updated HH parsers for PokerStars (Home Games) and 888.
  • Updated bundled OpenJDK Java Runtime.
  • Support additional range syntax for pasting text ranges from other tools (e.g. K2+ for K2s+ K2o+).
  • Remember display style for range grid when switching between ranges.
01 Aug 2019 HRC Beta
  • Bugfix: Last update from 2019-07-26 broke the copy/paste functionality for ranges.