HRC Windows Installer 64-bit

HRC Windows Installer 32-bit

Installation notes

Write access is needed in the program directory for automated updates. Please install in the default location or a writable directory of your choice. The automatic update functionality will be unavailable if installed in a write protected directory like C:\Program Files\.

HRC Sierra 64-bit

HRC macOS X 64-bit

HRC macOS X 32-bit


  1. Download the file above and extract it by right click: extract.
  2. macOS X: Use the "calculator" launcher to start the program..
  3. Sierra: Use the "sierralauncher" script to start the program.

Tip: The latest beta version fixes various OSX related compatibility issues, please give it a try in case you experience any problems on OSX.

HRC Linux 64-bit

HRC Linux 32-bit


  1. Download the file above and extract the archive.
  2. Use the "calculator" launcher to start the program.

HRC Public Beta

Only download the beta version if you are comfortable with testing beta features. This version may introduce stability issues and other bugs. Once the new features are sufficiently tested, they will be integrated to the stable version.


17 Dec 2018 HRC Main
  • Fixed rare issue with MTT bounty calculations.
  • This only affected MTT bounty calculations where the min/max stack was manually forced during MTT stack generation. The current beta version is not affected by this issue.
11 Dec 2018 HRC Beta
  • Various minor layout changes to the hand grid, Quick Analyze dialog, etc.
  • Support for multiple HH formats within aa single file, to support exports from PT/HM.
17 Oct 2018 HRC Beta
  • Updated hand editor to use the new grid implementation.
  • Multiple hands can now be added/removed by holding the left/right mouse button and drawing over the grid.