The Beta cycle is coming to an end with open trials!

The new features are almost ready to be released and we are winding down the beta cycle by giving everyone a chance to test the new features for free!

We are excited to announce that the new HRC version is finally coming out of its beta testing phase and is almost ready for general release. This has been a long and intensive process, and we couldn't have done it without the help of our dedicated beta testers.

A quick overview of the next steps

  • Until January 22nd: Free trial licenses will be available for the full beta functionality.
  • From January 23rd: The beta version will switch to a two tiered license model. Sales of upgraded licenses will go live.
  • Q2/2023: The current beta cycle will close down and the new functionality will be integrated in the release version, along with the updated license structure.
  • Shortly after, we'll start with the next beta cycle. Our primary focus will be on postflop solving this time around.

Opening the beta for free trials

Until January 22nd the latest beta version will allow free trial access, providing the full functionality of the beta version. This is the first time the beta features can be tested for free, the beta program has previously only been open for existing subscribers.

You can register a free trial directly in the program at Help: Registration. For this limited time period the only requirement for registering a new trial is that HRC hasn't been used on your computer within the last 30 days.

To get started with the trial, head over to the main beta blog post:

Future prices and licensing

After January 22nd we will transition to a two-tier license structure for the beta:

  • HRC Classic, unchanged at 99.9$ per year for annual licenses [monthly & annual options]
  • HRC Pro, 299.9$ per year [quarterly & annual options]

Existing licenses will be grandfathered into the HRC Classic tier, with an option to upgrade. This version will be most suitable for short and medium stacked hands, which is in line with our existing stable product. The HRC Pro version will be positioned as a full fledged preflop solver, capable of high quality Preflop calculations at any stack depth.

Differences between HRC Classic and Pro

The two versions will initially only differ in the following ways:

  • Tree size will be capped at a maximum of 25,000 nodes in the classic version.
  • The classic tier will offer the new postflop abstractions, but only at lower accuracy settings up to to 256 buckets. The pro version will allow full access to all abstractions, currently ranging from 64 to 16k buckets.
  • Scripted tree building will only be available in the pro tier.

This means that for hands with short to medium stacks, users in the classic tier will be able to take advantage of the new postflop betting model, albeit at lower accuracy. This is still a game changing improvement compared to our previous stable version, where all pots were checked down after the Flop.

We are working on some exciting postflop features for this year, we hope to start a new round of beta updates within a few months. The planned postflop solver capabilities will also be limited to the pro tier.

HRC Pro Sales

Sales for HRC Pro are live now, please use the links below to order. We will update the main pricing page to include these options after January 22nd.

If you wish to upgrade an existing key then please use the upgrade option in the program, you can find details below.

Until the beta closes HRC Pro will be available at a lower Early Bird pricing:

Except for the differences stated above, the conditions are otherwise identical to the terms of HRC Classic licenses. These are single-user licenses, valid for two active machines. Please refer to the main Pricing Overview for details.

Prices in brackets indicate the pricing after the beta closes. Early Bird HRC Pro subscriptions will renew at their lower pricing until they are canceled.

Upgrade Options

Old HRC Classic licenses can be upgraded directly in the program at Help: Registration: Upgrade License. Make sure to have the latest HRC Beta update to access this option. This option will show the available uprade options for the currently used key.

Subscription Upgrades

Subscription products receive a prorated credit for the remaining license time in the current period. The refunded amount is confirmed immediately via email and will typically show up on the card balance after 2-3 days.

Example: Upgrading a Yearly Subscription

  • Assume a yearly subscription at 99.9$ / year with 250 days remaining in the license period.
  • When upgrading, a refund for the 250 unused days is issued: 250 / 365 * 99.9$ = 68.42$ refund.
  • The same period is then charged at the new rate: 250 / 365 * 269.99$ = 184.92$ charge.
  • Cost of the upgrade was 184.92$ - 68.42$ = 116.5$.
  • The license period will end after 250 days and then renew at the regular rate (269.99$ for 1 year).

Non-Recurring Upgrades

Non-recurring HRC licenses can opt to reduce their remaining license time to convert to HRC Pro. The dialog at Help: Registration: Upgrade License will display a preview of the updated expiration date before the upgrade is confirmed.

Change History

  • 2023-01-19: Updated for sales start.
  • 2023-01-25: Added upgrade details.
  • 2023-02-02: Abstraction limit for HRC Classic changed to 256 (previously 64)