HRC Beta

At HoldemResources, we're constantly innovating and working to improve our software to provide you with the best possible experience. One way we do this is through the release of beta versions that include experimental new features for our users to explore and test. Public beta testing allows our users to get a sneak peek at the latest enhancements while providing us with critical feedback, helping to identify potential issues and areas for improvement. By participating in the public beta, you'll play an essential role in shaping the future of HRC and ensuring that our solver continues to be a reliable and effective tool for poker players worldwide.

Experimental Features

Available for testing:

  • Theme Support, Window: Preferences: Themes


  • External Trainer Integration
  • Postflop Solver


The latest HRC beta version can be downloaded here:

Only download this version if you are comfortable with testing beta features. This version may introduce stability issues and other bugs. Once the new features are sufficiently tested, they will be integrated to the stable version. You can run the stable and beta versions on the same system, simply use different install locations.


We highly encourage all our beta users to provide feedback on their experience with the new features. Your feedback is invaluable to us in ensuring the stability and effectiveness of the HRC beta version. Especially important is reporting any bugs, errors, or system instabilities you may encounter during your use of the software. By doing so, you're contributing directly to the improvement and development of HRC. The preferred mode for sharing your feedback and reporting issues is through our dedicated HRC Discord server. We greatly appreciate your time and commitment to making HRC the best it can be!