HRC v3.0 Release Notes

What is HRC?

Hold'em Resources Calculator is a popular ICM software tool. It's widely used by professional poker players to study Preflop strategy for the later stages of NLHE tournaments. You can dive right into the program by downloading the free trial or start out by experimenting with our free web-based tools first.

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New calculation features and additional site formats are added continuously

Quick Analyze

Lets you automatically analyze entire sessions for potential mistakes

Advanced Hands

Calculate Nash ranges for not only push/fold situations but also 3- and 4-bet situations

Multi Table ICM

Calculate tournament ICM effects before the final table

Future Game Simulation

Get improved equity estimates with the most advanced FGS implementation available

Easy Import

Import your tournament hands from history files or straight out of a PT4 / HM2 database

Next Generation MTT ICM Mode

HRC's multi table mode has been re-written from scratch and comes with a new high accuracy MTT ICM model.

The classic Malmuth-Harville ICM model is tricky to calculate for large fields. Most ICM tools either restrict the field size or use some crude approximation to generate tournament equity estimates sufficiently fast.

Our new MTT model approximates ICM incredibly well, easily within +/-0.01% accuracy for most spots, while being fast enough to run calculations with thousands of players. You can finally analyze those bubble spots in massive field tournaments and be confident about the results!

Model Details
MTT Setup Dialog
Range Editing Demo

New Range Editor

The new HRC version comes with a faster and more intuitive range editor.

  • Left click to select individual hands
  • Right click to select hands of the same row or column
  • Hold left mouse button to select multiple hands
  • Mouse wheel to adjust mixed strategies

Monte Carlo Mode

HRC just got a second calculation engine!

  • Allows calculation of spots with more than 3 active players.
  • Fully accounts for all card removal effects, even from folded ranges.
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Monte Carlo Configuration

Operating System Support

Runs on 64-bit Windows, OSX and Linux. We recommend a minimum of 4GB available RAM

Hand Histories

Supports hand histories of most popular poker sites and additional sites are added upon request.
Supported Sites

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