A first preview of the next HRC version is now available for download. This post will be updated throughout the beta phase to reflect the current progress and list any known issues.


Unlike previous beta versions of HRC, this version requires a separate download. The beta includes major upgrades of the program framework and unfortunately some of these changes can not be rolled out via the existing auto-update functionality.

The latest HRC beta can be downloaded here:

Important: Only download this version if you are comfortable with testing beta features. This version may introduce stability issues and other bugs. Once the new features are sufficiently tested, they will be integrated to the stable version.

During the beta period the program is distributed as a plain zip archive, without an installer. Simply extract the downloaded file and you should be good to go. Make sure HRC has write access to its installation directory, otherwise the automatic update functionality won't work (e.g. do not install within C:\Program Files\..).

You can run the stable and beta versions on the same system, simply use different install locations. To uninstall, simply delete the extracted directory.

Initial changes

The current beta version includes the following changes:

  • New MTT functionality: The MTT user interface and the calculation model have been re-written from scratch. Check High Accuracy ICM Calculations for Large Fields for more information on the new MTT model.
  • New user interface for the hand setup dialogs. Most new components come with tooltips, simply hover your mouse over a setting to display a short help text.
  • Fix for OSX related compatibility issues. The new version should run out of the box on OSX systems, without the need for any work-arounds.
  • Update to Java 10. HRC now comes bundled with a compatible OpenJDK runtime on all platforms and has the option to upgrade its Java runtime through the auto-update feature. Hopefully this change will avoid Java related troubles going forward.

Upcoming changes

This update cycle is just getting started, here are the plans for the next few months:

  • Update main user interface elements, most importantly the hand grid and the hand import tables
  • General performance improvements for Nash calculations
  • GPU accelerated calculations via OpenCL, most dedicated GPUs should be supported (e.g. AMD, Nvidia)
  • Additional management options for custom tournament structures, e.g. generate / delete / rename / import / export custom structures

The following changes are also expected to make it in this cycle, otherwise later this year:

  • Monte Carlo mode to support 4+ way all-ins
  • Local save / load of calculation results

Limitations and discontinued features

Some functionality has been removed or temporarily disabled:

  • SQL import from HM1 and PT3 will be permanently removed. SQL import from PT4 is temporarily disabled in this beta version, but will be re-activated in the near future.
  • The Game Tree tab has been deactivated due to issues with the graph library used. Depending on your feedback we will either permanently remove the functionality or add an updated implementation. The feature appears to see little use and is currently more likely to be dropped, so please let us know if you actively use it.

Support for 32-bit systems

Some of the planned upcoming features require additional RAM and we are likely to push against the limit of RAM available in 32-bit Java, which is slightly above 1GB of heap memory. We intend to only support 64-bit systems starting with this update cycle, but will keep a frozen 32-bit legacy version available for download for the foreseeable future.


Please leave feedback and ask questions if anything is unclear! Any general feedback on the current and planned changes is appreciated. We are especially looking for any deviations of results compared to the current stable version. Except for MTT hands, which use a new model, this version should produce the same results as the current stable version. Please also report any stability issues, user interface glitches, etc.

The HRC Support Thread on 2+2 is the best option for general questions, feedback and discussions of new features. Preferably contact support@holdemresources.net with bug reports or issues that may be related to your specific hardware setup. In these cases please try to include the steps necessary to reproduce the problem and ideally mention any special properties of your computer setup that might affect the issue.


17 Dec 2018 HRC Main
  • Fixed rare issue with MTT bounty calculations.
  • This only affected MTT bounty calculations where the min/max stack was manually forced during MTT stack generation. The current beta version is not affected by this issue.
11 Dec 2018 HRC Beta
  • Various minor layout changes to the hand grid, Quick Analyze dialog, etc.
  • Support for multiple HH formats within aa single file, to support exports from PT/HM.
17 Oct 2018 HRC Beta
  • Updated hand editor to use the new grid implementation.
  • Multiple hands can now be added/removed by holding the left/right mouse button and drawing over the grid.