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HoldemResources Calculator HRC 1.4 Beta: Knockouts

  • Aug 12, 2016
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A new Beta version with support for the popular knockout tournament format is available for public testing now.

Activating the Beta Version


Support for knockouts / bounties is still in Beta testing and not yet available in the regular program version. The link below explains how to activate the Beta repository to get the latest updates:

Beta Activation


Knockout SNG Support

Image Knockout SNG Support


The main addition in the new version is support for the popular knockout / bounty SNG formats. Bounties can now be added to ICM and FGS calculations via the prize structure setup. 

Bounties are calculated in addition to the regular prize pool and all tournament equities are still displayed in relation to the total regular prize pool. The bounty entry in the prize setup refers to the prize paid per elimination. A few common bounty formats are available as presets in the structure menu.

Since all tournament equities are still displayed in relation to the regular prize pool, the sum of all tournament equities will be greater than 100% in bounty formats. For instance in a tournament that pays a bounty of 5% of the regular prize pool per elimination there would be a total tournament equity of 125% of the regular prize pool with 5 players remaining. (100% of the regular prize pool plus 5 bounties at 5% each.)

[Update 2016-08-23] The display of equities can now be configured in Window: Preferences: Equity Display. Details can be found in the Changelog.

Bounty Calculation Details

Image Bounty Calculation Details


Knockout support is composed of two parts:

  1. Awarding bounties that occur within the calculation scope. This part is a simple application of the knockout tournament rules. If a player is eliminated within the scope of the calculation, the corresponding bounty is added to the tournament equity of the eliminating player.
  2. In addition, the calculation also estimates the equity from bounties that will be awarded later in the tournament. These bounty estimates are then added to the equity estimates for the regular prize pool to get the overall tournament equity for each player.

Naturally, the second part is only an estimate. This estimate for future bounty payoffs is conceptually very similar to regular ICM equities: While ICM is typically used to estimate the player equities from remaining regular prizes awarded later in the tournament, the bounty model estimates the equities from the remaining bounties. The model used for calculating the bounty equities can be selected in the preferences at Window: Preferences: Bounties.

More information on the models is available in the 2+2 thread linked below:

Estimating KO/Bounty Equities


Other Changes

Image Other Changes


Aside from the support for bounties a few other new features were added:

  • Support for raked cash calculations
  • Support for FGS calculations for Advanced Hands
  • Option to increase the blind level within the scope of FGS calculations
  • Option to export the displayed range grid to HTML

The full list of changes is available in the Changelog.

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