24 Feb 2018 HRC Beta
  • Fixed setup issues with QuickAnalyze and FGS introduced by yesterday's update.
23 Feb 2018 HRC Beta
  • Added progressive bounty support for ICM/FGS calculations (MTT coming soon).
  • PokerStars progressive bounties are filled automatically from hand histories.
  • Locked bounty model to "proportional" based on additional research, "flat" and "moderate" models will be discontinued. Detailed information about this decision will be posted next week.
  • A snapshot of the previous beta with "flat" and "moderate" models still active is available for reference here.
  • Added support for SimplePostFlop range format for pasting ranges from clipboard.
  • New 2+2 support thread is available here.
23 Feb 2018 HRC Main
  • Fixed trial registration issue.
  • Fixed rare FGS bug that affected lines where 2+ players are forced all-in by antes.