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HoldemResources Calculator HRC 1.2 Update

  • Feb 28, 2014
SQL Import & Quick Analyze

Version 1.2 of the HoldemResources Calculator is available now.

Many of the 1.2 changes were already available for testing in the Beta repository for a while, now they are finally ready for general release. As always, thanks to all the users who helped with Beta testing and provided feedback!




The most important changes that were not previously available in the stable version are listed below. For a complete list of changes since the 1.1 release, please refer to the Changelog.

  • Runtime improvement of 35% for unrestricted calculations
  • Massive runtime improvement for deep FGS calculations, esp. shorthanded
  • FGS maximum depth unlocked, additional accuracy setting
  • FGS depth selection rules ("Window: Preferences: FGS: Depth Rules")
  • Added support for Bovada and Winning Network
  • Option to paste ranges in text format from PokerStove & co. via Ctrl-V
  • Support for editing of weighted ranges
  • New "Hand Equity" plot
  • Crosshair option for all plots
  • Cumulative Diff displayed in Quick Graph
  • Updated Help ("Help: Help Contents")


Improved Performance


The main calculation engine got a major performance boost in this update. Unrestricted Fictitious Play calculations typically run around 35% faster than in previous versions.

The FGS engine also got a lot of attention. Especially deep simulations with few players see a drastic speed improvement, in some cases more than a 90% runtime reduction. The previous depth limit of 5 hands got removed to allow deeper simulations.


Weighted Range Editing

Image Weighted Range Editing


While HRC has been able to calculate with mixed strategies since the original release, it was previously not possible to manually define ranges with mixed strategies.

This changes with the new update, the new edit dialog provides much better support for mixed strategies by both displaying ranges in more detail and also allowing manual modification of hand weights.

Hand Equity Plot


A long time request from some users has been the addition of a graph that plots the equity of a selected hand against a changing range. This is commonly used to find the break-even points for playing a hand.

This functionality is now available in the plot sub-menu. As with all plots, first select the range to be plotted on the x-axis, right click and use the "Plot: Range vs Hand Equities" option in the context menu. Then select the range and individual hands of the player whose equity you are interested in.


Quick Graph

Image Quick Graph


The Quick Graph also got a minor addition. It now displays the cumulative Range-Diff (Red) in addition to the existing graph of individual Hand-Diffs (Blue).

Free Trials


As announced in a previous news, trials are now available every six months. You are welcome to test the new version for free, even if you already registered for a trial license in the past.

Details regarding the new trial policy can be found here.

HoldemResources Calculator

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